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Membership Director

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cowboybootsA Club Every Bit As Comfortable As Your Favorite Pair of Boots


Forget the stuffiness of your typical private club where members join solely for status and to be seen. You see, Bulls Bay isn’t your typical private club. Yes, we have the best golf experience in the Charleston area. Yes, we have the finest golf improvement facility in the Lowcountry. And we do have the most unique clubhouse setting, perhaps in the country. However, Bulls Bay can be summed up in one word…comfortable.


Our members enjoy first-class amenities and exquisite service without having to worry about an elbow on the table or whether or not they are using the right fork for their salad. But rather, members of Bulls Bay are treated to an atmosphere predicated on relaxation. Bulls Bay is a place where you leave your worries behind the moment you step onto the veranda and take in the breathtaking views of Mike Strantz’ magnificent creation from the highest point in Charleston. At that moment, it’s hard to imagine anywhere else more beautiful.


A Club Membership Built for Friends

At Bulls Bay Golf Club, our goal from day one was to create a club of friends. Simply put, friends want to be around their friends, play golf with their friends, eat lunch with their friends and make memories with their friends. This has led Bulls Bay to become an extremely active and energetic club, where you will always see a familiar face. The relationships amongst our members are quite dynamic and continue to grow through our expansive golf and social events calendar. We’ll look for any reason to throw a party or host a golf event for our members because we understand that a club of friends is unbreakable.


A Club Built Around the Great Game of Golf

Bulls Bay is a true golfers’ club. There is no pool. There is no tennis. There are no homes encroaching on the golf course. Our members call Bulls Bay home because it is a throwback to the day when clubs were built for golf and golf only. The experience at Bulls Bay is pure. Pure, in every sense of the word. As you stroll around our amazing layout, you are one with nature. Your senses are heightened as there is no competing with noise from busy residential streets or construction. It’s just you and the soothing sounds of the Charleston Lowcountry. You will not find a better, more relaxing place to enjoy the great game of golf than Bulls Bay.


Your Day at Bulls Bay…

As you enter the gates at Bulls Bay Golf Club, the world outside seems to disappear. As a member, you are greeted by one of our friendly cart attendants who loads your clubs onto a cart, already outfitted with a cooler stocked with ice water. The practice facility, where you can warm up and prepare for golf, is located at the bottom of the hill. At the top of the hill, a fully stocked golf shop and our staff of professionals await you in the clubhouse, ready to meet your every need as you prepare for a great day on the course. Before you go out to play, stop by the bar and grill for drinks or a quick bite. The bar is also available to you after the 9th and 14th holes, as well as at the end of the round for lunch or late afternoon snack and drinks. Drop off your shoes with our locker room attendant, who will have them cleaned, shined and ready for your next round. Relax in the Member’s Room upstairs, where a big-screen television, pool table, and bar provide the perfect spot for meetings or to simply wait out a passing shower. At the end of the day, you’ll have experienced the perfect getaway … without ever having left Charleston.


Membership is currently full with a hefty waiting list.  We are no longer taking interviews or accepting applications for membership.  Feel free to check back in.

Membership Director & RARE Realtor:  Lea Anne Brown at (843) 881-2223, ext. 3.

Life of a Member – Friends, Fun & Memories